Stellina New Telescope: The Future of Stargazing

Exploring the universe has never been easier. Like the mobile apps using augmented reality to observe and identify constellations, the telescopes has taken amateur astronomy to the next level and are getting digitized.

Stellina is the first born of a new generation of telescopes designed by the company Vaonis. Smart and robotized, the telescope is not limited anymore to stargaze on his own the beautiful sky through an ocular. You can now observe and take picture of the stars at the touch of your fingertips. Once connected to your smartphone or tablet, the mobile app remotely controls the telescope. The screen
has replaced the ocular, giving much more comfort, details and content than the traditional telescopes, difficult to use and sometimes disappointing to watch through. Stellina telescope offers a brand new user experience, inviting stargazers to share their vision of the universe: by sharing literally the sight on their screen with friends or family, by sharing their pictures on social media as well as sharing their datas with scientists. It has never been so easy to explore, capture and share the Andromeda galaxy or the Orion nebula from the comfort of our home, making the universe accessible to everyone now.

Vaonis at MoMA Design Store

Stellina, the award-winning next generation telescope, has a new occasion to shine after being noticed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January. MoMA Design Store has selected the telescope as part of their product suite launching during NYCxDesign in May. It will be the first telescope that the MoMA Design Store will offer in their store. On the occasion of the New York City’s annual celebration of design, MoMA Design Store will shine a spotlight on the dynamic French Tech startup scene. MoMA Design Store collaborated with La French Tech, an innovative public policy initiative that has fostered the booming French startup community, to select over twenty of the country’s most innovative new technology products with standout design. The full assortment will go on view and be available for sale starting May 10 at MoMA Design Store locations in Soho and Midtown, New York and online at The Stellina telescope will be available for avant-première since the official launch of the product is expected in September 2018. The price will be $2,999.

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